Key 2 Program :



The Key 2 Program “Feelorama” offered by Keys To Potential is designed to build upon the foundational emotional intelligence skills developed in Key 1 “Shizzle” focusing on deepening children’s and teenager’s understanding of their thoughts and emotions. This program is targeted at the same age groups of 9-12 and 13-16 and aims to foster a greater sense of self-awareness, resilience, and the ability to navigate life’s challenges with confidence.

Type: Live online, interactive sessions.
Duration: Four 1-hour weekly sessions, with the flexibility for students to join any week after completing an initial orientation.
Cost: $440.00, covering four sessions. The orientation session plus three additional drop-in sessions.
Orientation: New students undergo an orientation session held once a month before participating in weekly activities.


Small Group Sessions: Ensures personalized engagement and fosters a supportive learning environment.
Fun, Engaging Activities: Designed to captivate children’s interest while teaching them crucial emotional and cognitive skills.
Adaptable Schedule: The program accommodates the busy lives of families, allowing for attendance flexibility.


Inner Dialogue Understanding: Children learn to recognize how their internal dialogues influence their reactions to various situations.
Empowerment: Empowers students to understand and manage their emotions independently, leading to more appropriate responses to their experiences.
Self-Awareness: Promotes self-awareness by helping children identify and challenge their unconscious beliefs and biases.

Problems Addressed

Feeling Powerless: Addresses feelings of powerlessness in children, often a result of not understanding why they feel a certain way or how to manage those feelings.
Parental Frustration: Helps alleviate parental frustration and feelings of inadequacy by providing their children with tools to understand and articulate their emotions and thoughts.


Increased Emotional Intelligence: Students learn to independently recognize and understand their emotional states and the underlying thoughts, leading to healthier coping strategies.
Confidence and Resilience: Fosters confidence and resilience, allowing children to navigate life’s challenges more effectively.
Enhanced Decision Making: Encourages children to make informed decisions by understanding their emotions and thoughts, contributing to their personal and academic success.

Next Steps

Following “Feelorama” participants are encouraged to advance their emotional and cognitive development through subsequent programs offered by Keys To Potential. Each program is designed to address different aspects of personal growth, such as focusing on goals (Key 3: Sensight) and creating success structures (Key 4: Blinkuzzle), leading to comprehensive emotional, academic, and personal development.

“Feelorama” like all the Key To Potential programs, is rooted in Catherine Covacin’s comprehensive approach that combines scientific understanding with compassionate guidance. This program is a critical step in LaVie Education’s mission to equip children and teenagers through the Keys To Potential programs with the tools they need to thrive emotionally, socially, and academically, fostering a future where they can confidently face the world’s complexities.