Key 2 Program: Understanding Thoughts And Emotions

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“Feelorama” is a specialised course designed to deepen children’s and teenagers’ understanding of their thoughts and emotions. The primary goal of the course is to foster self-awareness, resilience, and confidence in navigating life’s challenges.

Two confident teenagers dressed as superheroes, fostering self-awareness through the Feelorama course at Keys to Potential.

Transform Emotional Intelligence for Lifelong Success


Inner Dialogue

Recognises internal dialogues and their influence on reactions.



Empowers students to manage emotions independently.



Identifies unconscious beliefs and biases.
Promotes self-awareness and reflection.


Emotional Intelligence

Recognises and understands emotional states.

Course Features

Equip your child with essential tools for emotional and cognitive growth. Enrol in “Feelorama” to foster resilience, self-awareness, and effective emotional management. Join us now to embark on a transformative journey towards your child’s success.

Interactive Learning: Small group sessions for personalised engagement.
Techniques Taught: Recognising internal dialogues, managing emotions.
Strategies Provided: Understanding unconscious beliefs.
Practical Applications: Engaging activities, flexible scheduling.


Invest in your child’s future with our comprehensive course, designed to provide valuable insights and practical strategies for emotional and cognitive development.

Included Materials: Orientation session, three drop-in sessions, fun activities
Cost: $440.00 for four 1-hour sessions


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A teenager in a superhero costume reflecting positively, fostering self-awareness through the Feelorama course at Keys to Potential.
Portrait of a Cath Covacin with glasses, posing in a lush garden.

My Mission to Foster Emotional Intelligence and Resilience

Welcome to Keys to Potential at LaVie Education, where we ignite the spark of emotional intelligence and resilience within your child. As a dedicated scientist-turned-educator, I am passionate about nurturing your child’s ability to thrive academically and in life’s many challenges.

Our unique courses, including the pioneering Shizzle, are designed to enhance emotional understanding and resilience, transforming not only how children learn but also how they view and engage with the world.

Join us in fostering a future where children are not just prepared for tests but equipped for life’s vast adventures.

Discover how LaVie Education can unlock your child’s true potential.

Understanding Self-Awareness

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions about the “Feelorama” course, addressing key concerns and providing detailed insights.

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