Key 3 Program:



The Key 3 Program “Sensight” offered by Keys To Potential is designed to build upon the foundational courses. Sensight is about breaking through the noise and the maze of conditions we set for ourselves. It’s about moving past the belief that we need peace and quiet, the right materials, or the perfect time to get to work.

Type: Live online, interactive sessions.
Duration: Two 1-hour weekly sessions.
Cost: $220.00.
Target Audience: Children and teenagers, particularly in the age groups of 9-12 and 13-16.


Interactive Small Groups: Engages children in a supportive community setting, encouraging collaboration and shared learning.
Dynamic Activities: Designed to be both entertaining and educational, ensuring children are actively participating and integrating the concepts taught.
Flexible Attendance: Students can join sessions according to their schedule without the need to attend in a specific order, accommodating the varied timetables of family life.


Goal-Oriented Focus: Helps children learn to identify their focus and direct it towards their goals, despite distractions or challenging circumstances.
Self-Regulation: Teaches techniques for students to regain focus when external or internal conditions threaten to derail their attention from their objectives.
Cognitive Development: Encourages the development of cognitive strategies to maintain focus on desired outcomes, which is essential for academic and personal achievement.

Problems Addressed

Distraction and Procrastination: Assists children who struggle with staying on task, particularly with homework and study, leading to stress and frustration.
Parent-Child Tension: Aims to reduce conflict between parents and children over schoolwork and focus-related issues, improving family dynamics.
Academic Performance: Helps improve academic performance by teaching students to concentrate on their studies effectively, leading to better outcomes.


Enhanced Concentration: Students will learn to maintain and redirect their focus to their studies or goals, leading to successful completion of assignments and projects.
Empowered Self-Management: Equips children with the ability to self-manage their focus, fostering independence and confidence in their abilities.
Improved Academic Results: By mastering focus, students are expected to perform better academically, which can also enhance their social and extracurricular engagements.

Next Steps

Graduates of “Sensight” are encouraged to continue their developmental journey through additional programs that Keys To Potential offers, such as Key 4 “Blinkuzzle” which builds on the skills acquired in “Sensight” by adding structural strategies for success.

“Sensight” along with the full suite of the Keys To Potential programs, is deeply influenced by Catherine Covacin’s extensive educational background and her passion for empowering youth with practical life skills. Through “Sensight” students not only learn to focus but also gain valuable tools that can be applied to various life areas, ultimately contributing to their overall well-being and future success.