Key 6 Program:



“Joygle” Key 6 in our Keys To Potential programs is available to all students who have completed the courses Key 1- Key 5. This course is designed to provide an understanding of how all the Keys work together to unlock their true potential.

Type: Live online, interactive sessions.
Duration: A flexible format of two 1-hour weekly sessions.
Cost: $220.00
Prerequisites: Completion of prior Keys is recommended to fully benefit from this course.


Comprehensive Integration: Summarizes and integrates concepts from Key 1 through Key 5, reinforcing the entire learning journey.
Interactive and Fun: Utilizes engaging activities that encourage students to put their knowledge into practice in a lively, supportive environment.
Personal Empowerment: Focuses on self-identity and personal empowerment, enabling students to apply what they’ve learned to real-life situations confidently.


Self-Knowledge: Reinforces the understanding of emotional intelligence, resilience, and the importance of structure and focus in achieving goals.
Confidence in Application: Equips students with the confidence to apply the tools they’ve learned across different aspects of their lives.
Lasting Change: Aims to solidify positive change and growth, ensuring that students can maintain their progress and continue to develop independently.

Problems Addressed

Integration of Concepts: Addresses the challenge of applying isolated skills to a comprehensive approach to personal and academic challenges.
Confidence in Abilities: Helps students who may doubt their ability to maintain new habits and apply learning in various contexts.


Consolidated Skill Set: Students will leave with a consolidated understanding of the skills and knowledge acquired throughout the entire Keys program.
Enhanced Self-Efficacy: They will have a greater belief in their abilities to navigate life’s challenges using the tools they have learned.
Preparation for Future Growth: Prepares students for future growth, ensuring they are equipped with the necessary tools to succeed academically and personally.

Next Steps

“Key 6: Joygle” represents the culmination of the Keys To Potential programs, preparing students to continue their growth journey independently. It empowers them to face the future with a robust set of skills and the confidence that comes from comprehensive personal development.