Key 1 Program:



“Shizzle” offered by LaVie Education is a foundational course in the Keys To Potential programs designed to help children, particularly in the age groups of 9-12 and 13-16, recognize and process their emotions effectively. This program serves as an entry point to a suite of offerings aimed at building emotional intelligence, resilience, and academic success in children and teenagers.

Type: Live online, interactive sessions.

Duration: Four 1-hour weekly sessions, allowing drop-in and drop-out flexibility to accommodate busy family schedules.

Cost: $440.00, covering four sessions. An orientation and introductory parent session plus three drop-in sessions.

Introduction: Commences with an introductory night for new parents to understand what their children will learn, coupled with an orientation for new students.


Small Group Format: Ensures personalized attention and a conducive learning environment.

Fun Activities: Designed to engage children while teaching them valuable emotional processing skills.

Flexibility: Sessions do not need to be attended consecutively, allowing for greater adaptability to family schedules.


Emotional Intelligence: Children learn that emotions are information, aiding in their ability to navigate feelings of being overwhelmed, sad, angry, frustrated, depressed, or confused.

Self-Awareness and Choice Making: Introduces children to the concepts of self-awareness and making choices based on a comprehensive understanding of situations, not just emotional reactions.

Foundation for Future Learning: Serves as an introduction to further courses that build on these initial skills, promoting long-term emotional and academic success.

Problems Addressed

Emotional Chaos: Children struggling to deal with their emotions often feel out of control, which can cause distress within the family.
Parental Frustration: Parents experiencing feelings of inadequacy and failure due to difficulty in helping their children manage emotions.


Understanding and Processing Emotions: Children learn to identify and process their emotions, leading to improved behaviour and decision-making.
Parental Peace of Mind: Parents gain reassurance that they are providing their children with essential tools for life, contributing to a harmonious family dynamic.

Next Steps

Upon completing Key 1, children and their families can remain in the first program as long as desired. After completing Key 1 students are encouraged to continue their journey with subsequent programs, each designed to address new aspects of emotional and academic growth, such as understanding thoughts and emotions (Key2: Feelorama), focusing on goals (Key 3: Sensight), and others, leading to acomprehensive development of the child’s potential.

The “Shizzle” program, like all offerings from Keys To Potential, is grounded in Catherine Covacin’s extensive background in science, education, and her deep commitment to fostering emotional intelligence and resilience in the young and young at heart. Through innovative and nurturing strategies, “Shizzle” embodies LaVie Education’s mission to unlock the true potential of children and teenagers, preparing them for success in all areas of life.