Frequently Asked Question

No, parents or carers do not attend the courses. Parents and carers have an opportunity to attend information sessions either in person or on zoom.

The students attend the courses and gain the skills.

These courses are for all students.

There are no religious references in the course work.  The work completed during the course will not affect or impact on a student’s religious beliefs.

Most courses take one day. The introduction course, Key 1 Recognising and Processing Emotions, needs to be completed by all students and is a one-day course.  The outline for all courses is available on the courses page. The courses are scheduled to be completed during vacation time but will also be run on weekends.

No, the children are not required to socialise, but they need to contribute or participate in the classes. Participation in the classes assists the students in gaining a better understanding of the course work and the processes involved.

PDFs of the workbooks can be obtained prior to commencement of the courses. The aim of the courses and an outline of the different courses will be provided for carers and parents. These information sessions are online or in person.

No, this work will not change your child’s personality, but they will have a better understanding of who they are.

Yes, students will be placed in similar age groups to complete the course work.

Class sizes are small maximum of 10 students but 7 students being the preferred number of students per group.