Key 5 Program:



Discover the power of facing your challenges head-on with “Key 5: Quizzlox.” Learn to recognize and dismantle the many faces of resistance—from hesitation and overthinking to outright avoidance—and embrace the transformative truth that what we resist not only persists but also grows stronger.

Type: Live online, interactive sessions.
Duration: Two 1-hour weekly sessions.
Cost: $220.00.
Target Audience: Children and teenagers, particularly in the age groups of 9-12 and 13-16.
Prerequisites: Open to anyone who has completed Key 1 and Key 2.


Engaging Activities: Incorporates interactive and dynamic activities to help students engage with the material.
Peer Learning: Encourages learning from peers in a small group format to foster a community of support and shared experiences.
Self-Discovery: Guides students through a process of self-discovery to recognize internal and external resistance to achieving goals.


Resistance Identification: Empowers students to identify resistance that can manifest in various forms, such as reluctance to make decisions or take action.
Confidence Building: Boosts students’ confidence to tackle and overcome obstacles that impede their progress.
Problem-Solving Skills: Develops problem-solving abilities, enabling students to navigate through challenges independently.

Problems Addressed

Obstacle Navigation: Assists students who struggle with understanding the roots of their procrastination or barriers to success.
Parental Support: Helps parents provide their children with tools to become more self-reliant and less dependent on external validation or support.
Emotional and Academic Resilience: Aids in building resilience for better emotional regulation and academic performance.


Strategic Coping Mechanisms: Students learn strategies to cope with and neutralize resistance, fostering a proactive approach to challenges.
Self-Empowerment: Encourages self-empowerment by teaching students that they have the power to overcome their internal and external challenges.
Goal Achievement: Equips students with the tools they need to achieve their goals and succeed in both academic and personal endeavours.

Next Steps

“Key 5: Quizzlox” is a critical component of the Keys To Potential suite of programs, designed to transform students into self-assured, adaptable individuals who are well-equipped to face the challenges of life with a resilient and proactive mindset.

Graduates of “Quizzlox" are prepared to integrate their new knowledge with previous lessons from Key 1 to Key 4, forming a cohesive understanding of their emotional and academic development. They are encouraged to proceed to "Key 6: Bringing it all together (Joygle)” to consolidate their skills and fully unlock their potential.